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Adding Value to Reports WA Bartlett 

Biological variation. WA Bartlett


Are Biological Variation Data Fit for Purpose?  PowerPont 8 Mb

Are Biological Variation Data Fit for purpose?  PDF 3.5 Mb


EFCC 2011 

Berlin EFCC Presentation May 2011. PDF  3.2 Mb


Biological Variation Data:The Need for Apraisal of the Evidence Base   Word 97/03  6Mb 


AACC 2012

AACC Poster July 2012     Need for Critical Appraisal Check list?


Euromedlab 2013


Euromedlab May 2013      Poster PPS


 Euromedlab Poster May 2013 Poster PPT


 Siemens 2013


USADA Symposium Indianapolis October 5th 2013

Biological Variation: Current state of the art